BCM325 | Peer Commentary & Evaluation


Here is my feedback for my peers beta presentations. My goal was to focus on the ideas, concepts and practicality of the proposed Digital Artefact, and I did my best to contribute to further research via web links, academic, scholarly and news media sources and other materials. Here is my critical self evaluation:

Comment 1: Steph Jory

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I was very fascinated with Steph’s Digital Artefact on the future of retail. In my comments I mentioned that her beta presentation was clear, easy to understand and I believed that she was right on task and heading in the right direction. Her digital artefact itself was very informative and she had really good information regarding the future of retail. Instead of giving her more information, since she had already completed two of her blog posts, I wanted to give guidance on ways she could share her information to the public. In her presentation she explained that she struggled to find feedback on her blogs. I did some research on some niche subreddits that she would be able to post in. The r/onlinebusiness one will definitely be of use to her as in my research I found that this space was used to discuss trends and give tips on utilising the online space. This will be helpful to her as these individuals are looking into the future of ecommerce marketing for businesses and may have some good feedback regarding her first two blog posts. In my research I also found an interesting trend report on future retail ecommerce trends. I unfortunately forgot to put this in my comment but made a second comment apologising with the link! Here it is for reference: click here. I failed in providing additional information to her based on the lecture materials but as I said, she was already finished her blog posts and giving her more information would not be useful to her in my opinion. I thought she did a really good job and I hope my advice on utilising reddit helped her for feedback.

Comment 2: Hussein Hijazi

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Unlike Steph, Hussein has not yet posted his blog posts for his digital artefact and was still looking into research for his project. I really liked his DA idea and thought that this would be a really nice guide for students who are struggling with the thought of their future post graduation. I recommended that he reaches out to students and past students to gains insight and second opinions which would nicely back up his research. I suggested that he uses reddit and twitter because these two platforms are great for creating discussions. Finding past UOW students as well would help keep his research to the Australian demographic. Amazingly, I found the single-greatest article that would back up his primary research so nicely. It was done by the Australian Council for Education Research who studied graduates education and employment outcomes 5 years after completing a bachelor degree at an Australian University. This ties into the future aspect of his digital artefact and I thought that he would be able to use this to then question why x amount of people start work straight away and how that ties in with the opinions and perspectives he finds from his primary research. I really hope this helps because I am quite excited for it! Again I could have also tied into our future cultures lecture material (I think I got too excited with the journal I found) and so in my third comment I made sure to mention it.

Comment 3: Elise Hallinan

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I really enjoyed watching Elise’s beta presentation. She had already created multiple blog posts which were all equally fascinating to read. I thought she was really good at implementing her feedback by adding photos and making her posts more engaging. Because she was creating so many blog posts, I thought it could be helpful to give her another topic that I believe is important for the art-world that also ties in nicely with our lecture materials and the future of technology. I wanted to mention our cyberspace topic by tying her project in with the use of virtual reality for the art world. I believe that it is just as important to discuss how we view art in the future and what that means for creators and artists themselves. I hope that this gave her a different perspective and also a different topic for one of her blogs making it tie in nicely with our lecture subjects. One thing I wish I added into my comment was a more detailed explanation on utilising social media websites to find feedback. I mentioned to use Pinterest, Reddit and Twitter but I should have explained how to use them to gain the best engagement. I hope that my comment helped her gain a new perspective!