My digital artefact addresses the issues regarding sustainability in the fashion industry. I am incredibly aware and am passionate about the human and environmental impacts of the fashion industry, particularly fast fashion. I believe that it is important for brands to be transparent about how their clothes are made.

I believe this podcast will not only help my brand with it being one of the first to be completely open and honest about their practices, it will also give my customers and followers a sense of community and support within their own sustainability journeys. Developing my project around fashion sustainability will help my users understand the fashion industry a little bit better and will help them make more conscious decisions around purchasing clothing.

I will be releasing a new podcast episode every fortnight. This will give me time to do my research, write a script, record and then also more time to promote my episode after its release. My podcast will be available on Spotify and Apple Music. I will promote it on my social media platforms but particularly Instagram as this is where the majority of my engagement comes from. I will ask for feedback on my stories and through reviews on these podcast platforms.

Fast: Content is readily available and accessible on multiple platforms, podcasts are fairly short (20-30 minutes in length) and creating small snippets of my audio to post on social media is an easy and fast way to promote.

Inexpensive: Microphone has already been purchased under my brand, and no additional costs are needed for this project.

Simple and Tiny: The main task is creating the podcast and editing. All promotional platforms are already set up and content just needs to be uploaded. This is also only an extension of my brand rather then creating a digital artefact on ALL aspects of the brand as I have done before.

I have already thought of the concepts that I will be talking about each episode and have created a timeline to add structure to my content creation:

Creating smaller steps will not overwhelm the audience as much and may influence them to change their perspectives faster. They will then be able to immediately apply these changes in their own home.

I think that this is going to be an incredible experience because I have always found it so nice when brands are engaging with their audience about things they care about. It is always important to shop small and sustainable and I cannot wait to talk more about it.

Here is the link to the podcast, first episode is already live!! CLICK HERE

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7 thoughts on “BAD DAYS THE PODCAST – Project Pitch

  1. This is such an amazing concept!!! I absolutely love that you are using your brand and already established audience in a new way to spread awareness and educate people on an issue you are passionate about! As you already have an established audience, I would suggest using this opportunity to promote your podcast – and therefore your brand – to new platforms and niches. The fashion community on tiktok is huge and incredibly successful, however a lot of what I have come across on said platform promotes fast fashion. I think if you could promote your brand and podcast through short videos that you could also upload as instagram reels, you would stand out and spread your ideas to a wider range of people. Think of people not only interested in sustainable fashion, but those who may not know the concept and aim to educate and inspire.

    I think your pitch and concept are really well thought out and have a clear social utility, your timeline plan is also a really good aspect of your methodology! While your da is not monetarily expensive, how is it time wise? Having fortnightly podcasts is definitely a better approach than weekly so it’s good you’ve given thought to that aspect, but don’t shy away from making iterations as you go. Promoting your podcasts to your current audience is a great idea, I would also suggest posting to the bcm tags on twitter, but also on platforms such as reddit, in order to maximise your reach in a specific niche.

    I would encourage you to think more about how you will incorporate your research into your podcasts, how will you break this down for your listeners?

    I really love your da and am keen to keep up with your podcasts! Best wishes xx


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