The Future of Social Media Marketing | BCM325 Beta


Digital Artefact Summary:

My digital artefact will be an article/essay on the future of social media marketing and how small businesses can utilise this for their brands.

The past couple of weeks I have been compiling primary research data with my own small business. I have also been following tips and tricks from other blogs and articles as secondary research. Check out my beta video below:

Feedback and engagement with lectures:

Because I am only creating one essay/article for my digital artefact, I have spent the last couple of weeks creating content as my primary research. In my pitch I stated that I would focus on a different social media platform every two weeks, but I decided it would be easier to do both at the same time as I am able to post the same content on each website which is a really good way to analyse the different engagement that comes from each. This also makes it easier when it comes to getting feedback by putting it side to side.

From the video that reached 340,000 views, I have learnt that videos that give tips and advice are the ones that gain the most traffic. I will be using that feedback to create videos that are similar so that my engagement remains high.

I am also in the works with talking to another small business as a second primary source for comparisons.

Following the feedback that I got on my pitch, I wanted to utilise to lecture materials more to backup what I am talking about. For that, I focused on our topic of cyberspace and cyberculture.

“Although it is not exactly “real,” “cyberspace” is a genuine place. Things happen there that have very genuine consequences. This “place” is not “real,” but it is serious. Tens of thousands of people have dedicated their lives to it, to the public service of public communication by wire and electronics. (Bruce Sterling, 1992).”

I know that this refers mainly to factors such as virtual reality. However, social media isn’t “real,” yet we spend half our days on there curating versions of ourselves that sell. These genuine consequences include outcomes such as sales which obviously affect your brand. This is something I’d like to focus on in my DA and I can use this to show how we create versions of ourselves online that sell. This is important for businesses also. It is something we dedicate our lives to, just as I am dedicating myself to it for this research project.

How does my research address the DA focus?:

  • My primary research is public and I am creating content based on my niche and the “trends” I will be addressing. Feedback comes from engagement (likes, comments, shares) and views.
  • Focusing on the short term implications and max 10 years of social media marketing.
  • Based on observable patterns and historical trends. How social media is being utilised. Aim to understand how “blowing up” on social media can affect your brand and how you can utilise this for the future.
  • My audience can take this advice and use it for their own businesses affecting their own futures
  • We can use my DA to see the trajectory of social media and where it could be heading.

Article layout:

Moving forwards, will be spending the next few weeks compiling my data to create my article/essay. My next steps are to analyse another small business which I have already chosen. I will then put all my data together in this order:

  • What is social media marketing
  • How small business utilise this as their primary marketing technique – giving examples
  • The formula to “blowing up” – what is it, how you can use it to monetise
  • The future of “trends”
  • Following the tips and tricks from online sources – trying them on my own small business

I will be uploading this a week early and will be sharing on platforms such as Reddit, LinkedIn and my own website as my pitch feedback suggested I do to gain some insight and see what other people think.

6 thoughts on “The Future of Social Media Marketing | BCM325 Beta

  1. Hi Rachel, this is a really interesting DA project. Social media marketing for small businesses has become one of those things which is almost essential when you open a specific business. It is really cool to see that you are utilising your own business for this project as well! I was wondering if another form of feedback which you could utilise on your social media accounts for this project to connect with other small businesses and other people could be creating polls on your posts/stories – Instagram and TikTok allow polls to be created on their platforms. This could be an interesting way to create a new form of engagement for your business while also engaging with current and future customers over social media. This article titled “How to Use Social Polls to Boost Audience Engagement and Brand Awareness” provided great information based around utilising polls; – When researching the importance of social media marketing and how it is redefining the shopping experience, an interesting element that you could utilise in your final article/essay could be interviewing social media marketers and getting their perspective on this topic and the future of this topic. With interviews, it is a great way to gather information and share information. Maybe if you did interviews with social media marketers, a possible feature you could add to your final article/essay could be creating a guide from the interview which you had completed and outline interesting points about everything related to small businesses, social media redefining the whole shopping experience and the future of social media marketing in terms of this topic. Interviews could also allow you to possibly implement new strategies, techniques and ideas to your own business while also having more in-depth insight into social media marketing and the future of social media marketing.


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