TikTok For Brand Awareness: Contextual Report



My Digital Artefact consisted of two blog posts on the utilisation of TikTok to raise brand awareness, accompanied by my own brands TikTok profile. Check it all out here:



Blog Post 1: TikTok is the Future

Blog Post 2: Let’s be real; raising your brand awareness on TikTok is hard

TikTok: @freckled.clothingco

Concept and Methodology

My DA project was a series of blogs exploring the utilisation of TikTok for marketing small businesses. This project made me really understand how brands should respond to new emerging platforms with some tips and tricks on how to utilise these platforms in the future. I was considering the future of my own brand by promoting my brand awareness online while also using my blog as a guide for other businesses who need this for their own social media marketing strategies. This is a relevant topic to me because I study digital and social media and it is vital for me to understand the importance of social media marketing for businesses such as my own to succeed.

This project allowed me to explore the #BCM325 challenge of questioning the short to medium future by understanding how we can utilise this technology to raise brand awareness and to utilise video content for the public. Although platforms such as TikTok can come and go as easy as any trend, my guide will still be available for those who want to achieve any sort of brand awareness on any social media platform. My DA is already impacting the future of my brand by helping me create brand awareness on my own platform as well as helping others do the same.

I looked at multiple websites such as Forbes, ARI and Social Media Examiner and looked into a survey by Wyzowl on the state of video marketing which was incredibly fascinating!

One of the main pieces of information that I took from our subject lecture material was inspired by this quote by Brice Sterling taken from our lecture material on cyberspace;

“Although it is not exactly “real,” “cyberspace” is a genuine place. Things happen there that have very genuine consequences. This “place” is not “real,” but it is serious. Tens of thousands of people have dedicated their lives to it, to the public service of public communication by wire and electronics. (Bruce Sterling, 1992).”

Social media isn’t “real,” yet we spend half our days on there curating versions of ourselves that sell. These genuine consequences affect how your brand is known on the online platform. On TikTok, you can present this version of you and the public to evoke an emotional response, leading individuals to follow your brand online. I talk about this in my second blog post for my DA.

Public Audience and Social Utility

In my first pitch, most of my feedback was surrounding the need for more of a future focus, as well as addressing a public utility within my niche. I realised I was thinking too big for this project and had to narrow down the public utility to small businesses who are raising brand awareness specifically, rather than small businesses who want sales. Ultimately, I decided to split my guide into two parts. Putting both posts together would have made the article too big and too wordy which took away from the F.I.S.T method.

The value of my blog posts is that it offers my audience insight into raising your brand awareness on one of the biggest social media platforms of this year, and it is still growing (this is where the future comes in). Most of the research was looking into articles and posts by actual marketers and digital media-based websites who immediately analyse growing trends that impact the use of these media platforms in the future. My DA can be used as a guide for all up and coming small businesses who are looking into utilising the platform for marketing that is free.

My DA also does not need to stop here, I could continue creating content on social media marketing for small businesses after our DA project is complete for other platforms that pop up in the future. The online space is constantly changing so content won’t be difficult to find.

Overall Trajectory

Because a lot of my work was based on research, I was not able to upload a blog post until the second half of the semester. In saying that, a lot of my feedback came from the engagement that my TikToks had received so I was able to utilise that in order to change the progression of my DA. When I uploaded the first post, I took to Reddit and Twitter but did not receive much feedback. I did however receive insight through Instagram from other brands by asking them for their opinions on TikTok, which made me think about the way I should write my blog posts for the DA. Additionally, I took on a lot of feedback from my pitch and beta comments from students who gave me some really helpful articles, contributing to the progression of my DA.

I wish that I had more time to write about another social media platform. Initially, I was also going to talk about Instagram Reels and compare, but I did not have enough time to make content for it. In saying that, the DA I created has a future component to it because I still have the opportunity to create content for other platforms and write my experiences on it.


The process of my DA took a lot of reiteration throughout the semester but I am happy to have learnt something about my brand and about the platform TikTok. I was limited to time as a lot of the process to create this DA involved making content in order to write about it. Additionally, finding feedback on what I wrote was more difficult than I thought, but peer comments saved me a little bit and I appreciated any advice!

I hope that my DA helps brands design the outcome of their future by listening to these tips, looking at my experiences and utilising the platforms to its highest potential. Thank you for coming on this journey with me!

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