Peer Pitches! – BCM325


Comment 1

Leo’s Pitch:

I really enjoyed Leo’s pitch on the rise of virtual reality! I was curious to know what type of virtual reality he would be focusing on and for what reasons. Virtual reality is definitely becoming a big part of our society as a whole but I would love to see Leo cut down his research and focus on one aspect, for example medical research or gaming. This will allow him to have a very clean and strong DA. I wish I supplied another article that would help him focus on the future of virtual reality and how that may consume our everyday lives in the future. I should have also touched upon his public utility. However, I do believe I gave him an incredibly interesting article which touched on immersive vs non-immersive virtual reality simulation experiences and I hope that this helps him with him research!

Comment 2

Jett’s Pitch

Jett’s pitch was incredibly interesting to me because his DA will be shown through the platform TikTok which I am an avid user of. As someone who uses it for her own business and also her digital artefact I wanted to give him insight on how to use the platform efficiently. I was reading the other comments by our peers and decided on focusing on the methodology part of his pitch as I didn’t really understand his goals for his DA and didn’t want to give him a useless academic source that has no relevance to his pitch. In saying that, I could have added by perspective anyway incase it helped, which I know I did not do sufficiently. Instead, I chose to ad an example of a popular Australian TikToker because she is well known for sharing her favourite Australian artists and therefore had a positive effect on her job as a Triple J employee. Jett stated that he wanted to use the platform to highlight his favourite songs of the week and I believe that she could be a really good inspiration for him. I hope that this helped him in understanding how to use the platform efficiently for his DA which none of the other comments did.

Comment 3

Franks Pitch:

I found Franks Pitch really interesting because he will ultimately be using this DA as a map for his 5 year career plan. His pitch made me realise that maybe I should be using my DA more as a plan for myself and the future career possibilities with my own business. I wanted to focus my comment on his 3rd blog post regarding his clothing brand. Although he said that is currently doesn’t not relate to his career plan in music journalism, he wanted to implement it somehow and adjust where necessary. As someone with her own clothing brand I wanted to offer some insight on how I believe he could utilise this. I mentioned that as long as the niche is in line with his work he could definitely use the brand as a way to traffic engaging followers and sales and will definitely be able to fuse them together. I wish I went into more detail about how he could do that and give him an example. I would have said that if he had his own website which included ‘merch’, and then implemented other social media platforms such a TikTok and Instagram he should be able to have success with this in the future. I also included a blog post that I quite enjoyed about how to be successful online if you have a business. I hope this helps him and I can’t wait to see how he actually implements it into his blog posts!

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