Digital Artefact Pt.2: Prototyping


Since the Project Presentation a month ago, my digital artefact has explored ways to increase engagement and gain new followers.

To catch you up; My Digital Artefacts fuses both digital art and film together to share with the audiences films that they may have never seen, or would just enjoy. I feel that not many people have have had the great movie experiences that I grew up with. My goal has been to promote some incredible films through digital art, and hope that it may grasp the attention of people who may have never seen these films before.


I created an Instagram page to share my work because it is a huge social media platform that will allow me to connect with different people from so many different communities. Thanks to new updates, Instagram also lets me engage with my audience through comments, polls, and questions on my story. It is relevant to the users because it’s easy to access and share.


My process to create my content has stayed the same. Analyse popularity of current and old films, find one I’d enjoy creating, then use Paint S to create my works. I add a quote from the film that is relatable and relevant. I then post them on Instagram.

Screen Shot 2018-09-27 at 3.37.11 pm.png

My current focus is building my online presence and focusing on engagement with my audience. I am doing this to build a strong group of followers that genuinely like my posts. This is important because strong engagement means more people sharing my work = new followers. No follow/unfollow method or buying followers.


  • 141 new followers
  • Increase in profile visits
  • Use of an Engagement Group
  • Use of Story Highlights to share other work and ask questions.

Here is my Instagram page growth since the ideating phase:


Ideating Phase


Prototyping Phase

Testing my prototype with users:


  • I started posting every second day (3-4 times a week)
  • I would constantly engage with my audience through the use of engagement groups, responding to comments etc.
  • I have learnt that posting content is 80% what they want and 20% what you want to post. So although previously in my Pitch presentation we discussed me focusing solely on ‘romantic comedies’, I don’t think that it is effective enough when it comes to maintaining the audience I currently have. Instead I focus more on a broader ‘genre’ – Chick Flicks
  • What I have decided to do instead is constantly ask questions to my audience and ask what they want.


In my stories I use the question box to ask for movie suggestions as well as polls.

  • The answers have currently been a little conflicting, so for the future I will be asking different kinds of questions to find a better response.


What I have learnt based on my Instagram Insights:



  • My most seen posts are mainly ‘chick flicks’
  • Romantic films are popular
  • People like films that they know and love.


  • Engagement groups are incredibly helpful
  • Relatable quotes are the most liked
  • Popular films


  • mostly NSW based


  • 18-24
  • These people resonate more with films from the 2000s


  • Predominantly female


  • I will get better engagement on Tuesday and Friday evenings because that is when my followers are more active

Additions to my Page:


Additionally, I have started making edits for my followers. I tested this out to see if it was successful by posting them onto my story and asking my followers if they wanted one. I tried this out because I have been focusing on engagement, and I thought what would be better engagement than making art for them. I post them on my story so it doesn’t mess with the concept and purpose of my page as I still want the focus to be on my film art. The only problem to this would be that it takes up a lot more of my time and sometimes I can fall behind. However, the results have been incredibly positive. I have received many messages asking for an edit and a lot of my followers have been sharing my works as well


Recently, small businesses have asked me to create logos and edits for them, which is something I have never done before but has been a dream of mine. Being paid for my art is definitely something I hope to continuously achieve as my digital artefact develops further.


I now accept commissions from small businesses who would like a logo or piece of art.

Has my concept changed?

I would say that my concept has changed but has also stayed the same. My sole focus with my films is now on ‘chick flicks’ as well as supplying content that my followers want. E.g. if most of my followers want to see a certain movie, I will share that with them. I now add personal edits into my highlights, which has strengthened my page but is not the sole focus of it. However, I am still focusing on sharing my love of film in the form of art. People have come up to me and told me they watched a certain film because it was on my page. This positive feedback

 The future:

I will continue to post 3-4 times a week, and explore other ways to possibly gain followers faster, such as using different hashtags, or asking pages to share my work. Hopefully I can get more commissioned work, as I continue to make edits for individuals and small businesses.

By Rachel Weisz

Twitter: @rachelmayweisz

Instagram: @rwfreckled

6 thoughts on “Digital Artefact Pt.2: Prototyping

  1. Rachel-
    I started following your page a few weeks ago and *love* your DA.
    I love that you give your followers a say in your next creation (your poll on movie suggestions), as well as digitally drawing photos of your friends/real people! Combined, these without a doubt increase your audience engagement.
    I also noticed your colour scheme has leaned more toward pastels for post backgrounds?
    Just a thought, but would you consider creating pictures of musicians as well? This might expand your audience even more. Regardless, everything looks awesome and I’m excited to see more. Best of luck!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hi Rachel, in this stage of the design-making process you have focused on increasing audience engagement with your instagram page. Your content is strong and extremely aesthetic (it also contains a lot of the movies that I personally love as well), so focusing on your followers is important to boost your presence on Instagram. To do this you have so far utilised the story tool on Instagram to easily communicate with your audience. By using the questions and polls you have received really great feedback to understand what types and specific films that your audience would love to see you interpret in a digital art format. I think your process has been extremely beneficial and helpful to your account, so definitely continue listening to your audience (which you have done). You have mainly focused on films created in the 80s-2000s as this is what you audience members aged 18-24 prefer, but I think it might be interesting to incorporate classic films with iconic quotes such as Gone With the Wind or Breakfast at Tiffany’s as these films are so recognisable even if your audience may not have actually watched them. It could also be cool to look at tv shows as well such as Friends to broaden your content. However, if you want to mainly focus on film that definitely appears to be working for you. Good job! I am totally following your account right now.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. From the minute I saw your Instagram page, I fell in love with your aesthetic! As a fellow art fan, I found your technique and style to be unique and exciting. Also as a film lover, I thought it was awesome of you to combine both art and film into one aesthetic, focusing on such great and popular films. It’s great to see how well your DA has progressed so far. You have received such a positive audience engagement and that is very apparent in your evidential photos and throughout your audience’s interaction on your page. You clearly have familiarised your audience very well as you have listened to them and thus you know exactly what your audience is looking for which should already comfort you as the developer to know that you have produced a great product to the public. What’s even reassuring is that your work is original and attractive to the point where other consumers have collaborated with you which is a huge positive feature of this aesthetic. Well Done!

    Liked by 1 person

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