Digital Artefact Pt.3: Making



My Digital Artefact fuses both digital art and film together to share with the audiences films that they may have never seen, or would just enjoy. Like I have stated before, I feel that not many people have had the great movie experiences that I grew up with. My goal has been to promote some incredible films through digital art, and hope that it may grasp the attention of people who may have never seen these films before.

Digital art was not something I expected to have even taken on, however this experience has helped shed new light on the fusion between technology and art. In an article called Craft and Digital Technology by  Katie Bunnel, I was inspired by the sentence; “Kellner (2000) argues that new and digital technologies in particular can provide experiences and interactions that ‘are just as real and life enhancing as conversation, gardening, taking a hike in the wilds, or caring for animals.’” This is relevant to me because I never thought that digital art would be as fulfilling and creative as art on paper, however I was completely wrong.

Dirty Dancing1.jpgFirst Post – August

lostintranslation.jpgRecent Post – October

Changes that I have made to improve the interaction and engagement of my work has included modifications of the font that I use. My new font looks likes a typewriter, which is an aesthetic that I feel works better with the audience in my digital artefact starter pack. I have also tried to keep the colours of my artwork aesthetically aligned with each other so my project looks more together. I prefer to use pale, pastel colours, however I have also experimented with earth tones which worked well with more sombre and thriller-genre movies.

Screen Shot 2018-10-25 at 8.17.52 pm.pngEarth Tones

Screen Shot 2018-10-25 at 8.18.05 pm.pngPastel Colours

In saying that, I have kept my focus towards romantic comedies as this is the genre that my audience engages more with. Additionally, I have continued the use of Instagram stories, but I have been asking more specific questions such as what movies they would like to see in order to gain more personal engagement so I can improve within my digital artefact.

Screen Shot 2018-10-25 at 8.19.28 pm.png

Engagement has been quite steady and has not increased or decreased dramatically in the past month. My goal is that I continue to strive for increased engagement and followers as I improve artistically and market my work correctly. However, my feedback has remained positive which proves that I am heading in the right direction, and am always open to critique and experimentation within my work.

Screen Shot 2018-10-25 at 8.20.17 pm.png

I have continued with commissions and edits of friends and followers. For example, a client wanted me to create an edit of her boyfriend and her together to surprise him for his birthday;


As I continue my digital artefact in the future, I plan to constantly update my technique and style, as well as more commissions. I also love to promote my work through modifications such as gifs, which I will continue to post on other social media websites such as twitter. “Consumers are increasingly enamoured with the glitch in any way, shape, or form,” says “twegert” in the article “Perfect Imperfection: How Glitch Art Influences Design.” Additionally, I will continue to accept commissions. I have also thought about the process of making T-shirts with my designs, which I will hopefully explore more in the future. For now, however, I will continue to explore methods to increase engagement as well as better my technique.



By Rachel Weisz

Twitter: @rachelmayweisz

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