Digital Artefact Pt.1: Ideating


Step 1: 

The Vision

Creativity has always been a trait of mine that I have physically expressed in my everyday life; whether that be in the form of drawing or painting or building more knowledge in films and other art-forms. I knew that I wanted to include a creative factor into my digital artefact for two reasons; 1. I want to be surrounded by an artistic community that values expression through art and 2. I want to create an artefact that I was truly passionate about and would not get bored of. This is my very first semester of University, so initially I was hesitant about sharing my work with students and therefore a little intimidated. So, despite me wanting to incorporate something artistic into my work, I decided to think a little more about other areas that I was passionate in.

However, as the week for project presentations grew closer, I found myself unable to think of anything else I was more passionate about. I was constantly thinking with the concept of F.I.S.T. What could I create that was fast, inexpensive, simple and tiny, that I would also love doing for the weeks ahead of me? After I while I decided to throw my anxiety away. To succeed I knew that you must fail early and fail often.

I began to study my social media patterns. I would check the explore page on Instagram, analysing the content that their algorithm thought I’d enjoy based on my search history and likes. I noticed that the majority of the content that I see has something to do with films and movie quotes, as well as a few travel blogs and makeup videos. I wasn’t interested in copying what other pages have done. I felt like I could do more. I had a look at who I was following, and came across this page called Sundae Kids, who specialise in cute and simple sketches about love and relationships. Eventually, the idea to combine art and film just clicked in my head, so I immediately started prototyping my digital artefact.

Step 2:

The Process and the Test

When developing my digital artefact, I always wanted to keep in mind the concept of F.I.S.T, and so the drawings I created have been very simple. The first post I made to my Instagram Page, called @rwfreckled, was of Baby from Dirty Dancing.


The designs only take an hour or so to create per post, so it doesn’t take up much of my time. I have been using an app called Paint for Mac, which was free. However, I will invest in a better-quality animation application if this project is successful. I am focusing on entertainment value for my audience, constantly looking for popular movies and quotes, as well as checking on my Insights to see what my audience engages with the most. I determine the popularity of the post through likes, profile clicks and comments. I also try out different hashtags to see which help me gain more engagement with the community.  For example, will more people see my content if I use #2000smovies or #00smovies? Will I gain more profile clicks if I tag the actor/actress present in my work? I created a starter pack (photograph below) to label the kind of audience I believe will enjoy my work or find it entertaining/useful. This has also helped when it comes to what films and quotes people enjoy more.

Step 3:

The Future

For the past three weeks I have been posting at least once a day in order to test out the advantages and disadvantages of my digital artefact. I constantly check my insights, which is a business tool on Instagram to see who/how many people have seen your posts. This allows me to understand my audience and their preferences on films and quotes. For example, I have noticed that classic/popular films in the romantic genre are more popular than the lesser known films. With this information, I will continue to post about popular films to gain the attention of my target audience. In the future I hope to be able to post lesser-known ‘indie’ films and include more diversity.

My goal for this page is to capture the interests of both artists and film lovers and share with them movies that they may have never seen before. A lot of people I know have never seen the classics I grew up with and love, and I want to see if this page changes that. In the upcoming weeks I hope to grow a larger following and be able to ask my audience what movies they want to see transformed into art.


By Rachel Weisz.

Twitter – RachelMayWeisz

One thought on “Digital Artefact Pt.1: Ideating

  1. Hi Rachel!
    I really love your DA concept! The graphics are amazing I can’t believe you did this on paint! Definitely something I’d follow! I feel you really embraced the starter pack as you included a few different things; art, graphics, movie quotes, and you also seem to follow a specific genre of movie as well. This would really bring in and engage a certain audience who fit into this starter pack, love it!
    Eventually if you wanted to expand your audience you could make it even more consumer focused. You said you were going to ask the audience for movie suggestions right, well I was thinking along these lines and you could ask them movie genres they like as well! For example on your story do a poll or a request box where they say they’re fav movie genre and for the most highly requested you could do artworks and quotes for that genre for the week. This way you could also be a destination for users to find new movies!
    Can’t wait to see where this all goes xxx


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