My Topic: What do students prioritise when it comes to a study-work-life balance?

This semester has been a very strange, tough and stressful journey. I have had this project with me throughout the whole semester so I considered it a constant in my life while covid-19 was affecting all other aspects. I could not say that I had an expected result for my project as I knew my question was incredibly subjective and everyone would have a very individualised experience and therefore a very individualised answer.

In saying that, comparing it to my own personal experience on creating a solid WLB, I knew that work would be a huge factor in the students ability to focus on their study. With this knowledge I feel like I can understand why students prioritise certain part of their lives whether it be for their future career or their financial constraints. I wish I delved more into students abilities to prioritise their social lives and if they ever let it jeopardise their work or study life.

With this knowledge I intend (with future research) to see what the government is doing to help with the financial strains that students feel as my research really pointed out how many hours students work in order to merely survive. As a full time undergraduate student, I work 35 hours a week and still do not earn enough money to be independent. Because of my long work hours I tend to push my studies aside. I thought this topic would be interesting to really delve into that but I also believe I only scratched the surface. I hope I can continue this study in the future. ‘

I found this project a learning curb as I was not only studying other students perspectives but also my own. I learnt that I do very well when I have structure in my life. With this project I realised I need to prioritise certain aspects of my life better in order to be the best that I can be.

It is hard to give feedback to a subject that had to change dramatically because of what was happening around the world due to Covid-19. I must admit I would have been more excited about this project if I was physically in class listening in on the lectures. In saying that, I found the online tutorials very helpful when we were discussing the project. This was the most “put-together” class out of all of mine this semester and I think they did very well at adapting to the online environment. Thank you!!

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