#MyCuriosity BCM212 – The Student Experience

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BCM212 TOPIC: The student experience: how does full-time study affect the social aspects of your life.

Do you think that it is important to have an equal study/social life balance? My BCM212 topic will focus on how full-time study can have an impact on your life outside of university regarding friendships and relationships. I want to know if students believe having a social life is as important to maintaining a healthy life while studying full-time, or is it best to focus more on study.

I strongly believe that maintaining your friendships during your periods of study is incredibly important but I have also understood that some people don’t feel the same way. Many of my personal relationships have suffered during the university semester period as we have become focused on our own worlds. From my understanding and my own personal student experience I have learnt that most students have different perspectives on their issues and I want to understand more about them.

Let me give you an example of different opinions regarding this topic;

As a full-time Uni student I tend to spent 2-3 days at the University. I also work 3-4 days a week. I like to spend one of my free days to catch up on some study. However, I also like to save my nights and one day a week to go out and forget about Uni life for a bit. Social relationships are incredibly important to me as they give me a reason to enjoy myself and my time as someone who is in their early 20’s. Studying is important to me but so is my mental health and maintaining a social life has allowed me to feel more balanced in life. However, I know a friend who is the complete opposite to me. I only see her one a month because she will put all her energy into her study and is constantly stressed about it. She wishes that she had more time to see us yet doesn’t do anything to balance her social life with study. What I want to learn is how students cope with their social relationships during the semester and of how much importance they believe it is compared to study alone.



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