Project Beta #BCM112


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@rwfreckled by Rachel Weisz

I decided to make my Instagram account called @rwfreckled because I thought it would be an entertaining idea to share my artwork with an audience that is interested in films.

I use Instagram as it is a good platform for artists to share their work and engage with a community who share the same interests. I am always looking for new films to see and artists to admire and enjoy being surrounded by a community that feels the same way.


Instagram also lets me engage with my audience through comments, polls, and questions on my story. My current focus is building my online presence and focusing on engagement with my audience. I am doing this to build a strong group of followers that genuinely like my posts. This is important because strong engagement means more people sharing my work = new followers. No follow/unfollow method or buying followers.


I post every Sunday – between midday and 10pm.

I have learnt that posting content is 80% of what they want and 20% what you want to post. So although previously I thought to focus on a specific genre (romantic comedies), I don’t think that it is effective enough when it comes to maintaining the audience I currently have. They seem to like more comedic/action/classic films.

So has my concept changed based on feedback?

Yes and no


-My sole focus with my films is now on films that people are familiar with. E.g. if most of my followers want to see a certain movie, I will share that with them. I will constantly ask via my Instagram story what my consumers want to see. This is a change from my romance genre theme.


-I am still focusing on sharing my love of film in the form of art. People have come up to me and told me they watched a certain film because it was on my page which is positive feedback.

– I will still continue to post weekly and maybe more in order to entertain my audiences and promote my work.

The Future

  • Continue posting each week
  • Offer personalized edits to gain more commissioned work
  • Consider merchandising as an option for the future.


Check out my project beta video here:

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