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E-mental health is not just about technology, but represents a cultural change in mental healthcare by empowering patients to exercise greater choice and control” – Hollis, C., Morriss, R., Martin, J., Amani, S., Cotton, R., Denis, M. (2015)

For our group project this semester, we really wanted to focus on creating an innovation that would assist those suffering from anxiety disorders. We wanted something that would be inexpensive, easy to use and created a space for those who wanted information and to be surrounded by a community. We especially wanted to create a product that was subtle so that the individual did not feel that they were the centre of attention where having an anxiety or panic attack. I put a lot of my personal experience of anxiety into our product to make sure that we created something that would actually be of use to someone experience physical anxiety symptoms.

The National Survey of Mental Health and Wellbeing of adults conducted multiple surveys, where they found that in the “Australian population aged 16 – 85 almost half (45%) will experience a mental disorder at sometime in their life”, with anxiety disorders being the most common followed by depression. (Australian Institute of Health and Welfare. 2015). Additionally, one in five (20%) Australians aged 16-85 experience a mental illness every year. One of the most common is an anxiety disorder. Access to treatment is essential as approximately 75% of people admitted to public sector mental health inpatient services improve notably (Australian Bureau of Statistics, 2009).

I wanted to turn my digital artefact into an advertisement as our creation is an innovation that has never been done before. An advertisement gives you the ability to highlight the benefits of your product while also seeking your niche audience. I wanted to highlight the beneficial factors of our creation and entice those that feel that they would value from the assistance of our product. Access to mental health treatment can be expensive and even unattainable to some, so I wanted to show how accessible and easy to use our product can be. I also wanted to highlight the multiple ways you can use the app.

I used procreate to make some of the Medibration designs, and pieced it all together through iMovie. The beginning of my video is a slowly increasing heartbeat to duplicate the uneasy feeling of anxiety. I wanted to highlight some physical symptoms of anxiety so that if my audience had experienced these types of symptoms previously, they would be enticed to continue watching. The multiple designs make the product more fun and appealing so that individuals of different ages would be interested in purchasing our product. We also wanted to make sure that the product was not an obvious mental health assistant, as we can understand how individuals don’t want others to know what they’re experiencing.

The program that I used to publish my advertisement was through YouTube. Over 2 Billion logged-in users visit YouTube each month and every day people watch over a billion hours of video and generate billions of views (Youtube, 2020). This means that is it possible to obtain a large amount of viewers which leads to an increase of interested buyers for Medibration.


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