BCM206 Project Beta!

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For the last year on Instagram, I have been developing my digital art page and hopes to make an actual business out of it. Now that I have a particular style I have decided I want to monetise my works.


In my video, I explore a couple of ways that I have been able to make money off my art. These included;

  1. Commissions


I have been increasingly eager in advertising my commissions to my followers in hopes that I can profit off my works. I profited off Father’s day by selling commissions as gifts. I believe this has worked out really well and I am looking forward to making more. I also offer physical prints, which will cost more than just a commission itself, however, I have not sold one yet.


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  1. Merchandise

A week or so ago I dropped new merchandise. I have not made a tee since last year in #BCM114 which I still have to this day. Inspired by the popular 2000s movie Superbad, my McLovin’ tees have become a popular part of my page and it has been incredibly positive for engagement and reach for new followers. Having my friends promote my work has allowed for real followers of closer-proximity that are willing to buy my work.







Through my analytics, you can tell that engaging with the art community online is a successful way to make your own page known – even if it is just liking another page’s photos. Little things like this are what will have a bigger impact on my page later down the track.


Increase profile visits with ‘follower experiment’

Originally, I focused solely on romantic comedies. This semester I have decided not to focus on genres but on the popularity of the films I post – and I can tell people are engaging better because of this.

Untitled_Artwork 7.JPGIMG_0579.JPG

Instagram: @rwfreckled

Twitter: rachelmayweisz

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