BCM215 Comments and Self Reflection


It has been an exciting journey to explore other students conceptualisations for their digital artefacts. I reviewed 3 individual and innovative ideas that I will share with you below. I will conduct a critical self-evaluation to see if my feedback was relevant to these students.

Firstly I provided feedback to Bodhi whose objective is to analyse and compare phone simulation games to real-life experiences – focusing on both surfing and car games.

You can find his project pitch and my comment linked here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HuJJ7xm3QN (there was no comment button on his blog post).

I tried to be helpful by providing him with some direction in where he should head with this project. Like me, he does not have a lot of knowledge of video games but aims to incorporate his interests into his project. I suggested exploring the potential skills that video games can give to people who play these sports (i.e. surfing) in real life. I also game him another idea in which to explore movement-based video games as well as phone games, but this may make his digital artefact bigger than it needs to be. Additionally, I directed him to a list of potential games he can use for his analysis. I could do better in my feedback by perhaps helping him to structure his video for his artefact rather than piling more information on him as he seems he already knew a couple of games he would like to try. I am really interested in this project as it is slightly relevant to my own personal DA and I tried to draw some knowledge I gained from that on to him.

Screen Shot 2019-08-21 at 10.58.37 am.png

Next, I learnt of the term loot boxes and what they were in Saxton’s digital artefact. He aims to explore the variants of loot boxes, the use of them by companies, rewards, fairness and the effects on younger children and adolescents. Although I had no idea what loot boxes were, I was interested in the discussion of loot boxes as a form of gambling and the effect that has on addiction. I then found an academic survey and a journal article that explore these factors which I linked below for him. I learnt a lot about the potential dangers that Saxton intends to discuss in his artefact. My feedback, however, may only be one-sided and I did not provide any possible information that defends the use of loot boxes in video games. I don’t know if he is for or against them but I hope he explores both sides in his video essays to capture a larger communities engagement. Through this, I plan to improve by not being completely one-sided when bringing suggestions and materials that can be useful to his project.

Saxton’s blog: https://saxonsparadise.wordpress.com/2019/08/15/loot-boxes-are-you-in-luck-or-just-a-loser/

Screen Shot 2019-08-21 at 12.16.44 pm.png

Lastly, I evaluated Nathan’s project pitch in which he aims to evaluate the accuracy of history in historical based video games. His pitch video was easy to understand and was a personal interest of mine so I tried to give him a couple of suggestions on how to produce his work to maximise his engagement and excel in feedback. I suggested a podcast as his project would have a lot of information that he could talk about. In case this was not a useful suggestion I also gave him a couple of ideas for his Youtube videos that could potentially make his project more successful. I found an interesting book that is relevant to his topic, however, I could have personally improved with my feedback by researching more academic articles that would have helped him – and that were maybe shorter to read than a book.

I learnt a lot about the new games that have recently come out that have some historical inaccuracies behind them. It made me want to research more about video games and the history that is represented through them. I plan to improve in my future feedback by learning about some other gaming examples that may be useful to his project, as he intends to talk about one game per video.

Nathan’s blog: https://nathansullivandotblog.wordpress.com/2019/08/14/bcm215-pitch-essay/comment-page-1/#comment-96

Screen Shot 2019-08-21 at 11.20.54 am.png

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