Digital resistance: hacktivists, whistleblowers, #AfterSnowden

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What was the Wikileaks case?

Wikileaks is an organisation founded by Julian Assange that anonymously leaked information that was regarded secret through its website.
Some information that was leaked included internal documents from the Church of Scientology, leaked emails from Sarah Palin and classified military videos.
A former Army intelligence analyst by the name of Chelsea Manning was convicted and sentenced to 35 years in prison for violating the Espionage Act in 2013.

Digital resistance online

WikiLeaks ‘‘established a powerful brand identity as a technologically sophisticated service capable of distributing purloined data anonymously and publicizing its release.’’ (Fenster, 2011, p.7).
This use of global information networks for political retribution explores the ways in which we can use global online networks for purposes other than communication. It can be used for political digital resistance that can ultimately enforce change in our governments and in our social systems.
My remediation this week is a play on words – exploring how leaking information online can have a global impact.
CNN. 2019. WikiLeaks Fast Facts. Available at: [Accessed 30 September 2019].
Fenster, M. (2011, 28 March). Disclosure’s effects: WikiLeaks and transparency. SSRN Working Paper Series. Accessed 28 May 2013 from [Accessed 30 September 2019].

One thought on “Digital resistance: hacktivists, whistleblowers, #AfterSnowden

  1. Hey Racheal! I really liked your blog this week and your redmeidation is really eye catching! I liked the topic and case study for your blog and that you choose to focus on one person and thir actions. Where you spoke about Julian Assange, I spoke about Edward Snowden and his influence on trust issues between the government and the public. I found this source that talks about how the Wikileaks case is just the beginning and how Julian Assange effected the Ecuadorian embassy
    Well Done!


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