The Use of Video Games to Train Professional Athletes

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In my beta video, I reiterated the possibility of using video games as a form of training for professional athletes. Like my pitch, I aim to research the positive benefits of using moment-based and non-movement based video games to determine if this is true. I want to explore if users gain certain mental and physical skills that are beneficial for their training.

My blogs will be split into two sections:

  1. Movement-based video games – which can include virtual reality and motion-sensory games


  1. Non-movement based video games – such as NBA, Madden and MVP Basketball to name a few popular ones.

I also intend to focus on two influential factors of sport-based video games:

  1. Spatiality


  1. Modality

which I discuss briefly in my Beta.

In my first blog, I explained that movement-based video games have enlightened the possibility of genuine research between gaming and health, which will perhaps break the “couch potato” stereotype that gamers are reputable for. I used the example of Wii Bowling, which is part of the collection of Wii Sports. I explain that these games, which also include tennis, baseball, golf and boxing, were designed to “demonstrate the motion-sensing capabilities of the Wii Remote”

I also explored the growing VR technology as a form of training athletes. It’s benefits, I have discovered include the minimisation of possible risk injuries and “wear-and-tear” that occurs when you’re on the field. I also did some research on a company called STRIVR Labs. This company uses VR to prepare professionals and college athletes for competition.

My next blog post will focus on non-movement based video games and the mental skills that can be developed and trained. Hope this is of interest to you!

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