Bridges made of pebbles: social media and the transformation of journalism

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We will discuss the implications of the long tail, data aggregation, and citizen journalism for traditional news media outlets, and concentrate on issues of editing, filtering, access and political engagement.

“As the industrial age makes way for the information age, and as its hierarchical and centralised structures for the organisation of production, distribution, and market economies transform towards a networked, heterarchical environment characterised by many-to-many information flows, the conventional models of media production, distribution, and consumption are no longer relevant” (Bruns, A. 2009).

With easy accessibility to research in our globally networked society, Citizen journalism has become more widespread which can ultimately create issues of editing, filtering, access and political engagement. Citizen journalism involves individuals who generate their own news content. Ultimately, they are creating user-generated content, which could risk the necessity of professional journalism as these ‘citizens’ do the job for them. 

What risks does this create in an environment where information is easily accessible, easily digestible and easily misunderstood?


I wanted this weeks remediation to pose a question; if we are digesting information that we find online and then digitally posting about it, can this be considered journalism?



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Bruns, A., 2009. New Directions for e-Journalism. News Blogs and Citizen Journalism. 1, 2/20. Available at: [Accessed 13 September 2019].

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