iFeudals: big data, surveillance, permission control

BCM206, Uncategorized

iFeudalism is a term that explores the passing of information that is ultimately bundled up and used for other means, which is a big example of control in the networked world.

An example of this would be websites such as Youtube and Facebook that collect your information, analyse and use it to preselect content that they think you may enjoy. This is clearly seen on our feeds where content that is similar to what we have “liked” or “viewed” previously has popped up.

This could be seen as a process that creates “meta-data” which allows the owners of these platforms to make more of a profit flow, as the consumers are ultimately being shown content that could possibly be relevant to them.

Could this be seen as a disruption of privacy? Ultimately as consumers we did click “agree” to the terms and conditions, so is it wrong to consider this process a disruption of privacy? Let me know in the comments!


I wanted to create my remediation this week with a big of a joke behind it. We are all scared of losing our privacy, but can this be considered self-sabotage seeing as we are the ones who agreed to the terms and conditions?


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