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Can video games make you a better athlete?

An important requirement for athletes in any sport is practice. Endurance, stamina and reaction times are just some examples of what individuals who play sports need to build in order to excel in what they do. You wouldn’t normally think of video games and athleticism in the same category of sport-based learning, however, skills such as problem-solving, speed, hand-eye coordination and spatial awareness can be developed through playing video-games. Additionally, these are all important traits that athletes need to excel in their sports.

In my digital artefact, I want to research the correlations between sports training and video games that have a positive impact on athletes. I want to know, do video games help athletes to think in abstract ways? Does it strengthen their skills and their ability to play well?

I want to explore the research of sports-scientists, who have now been using analytics of video games to “test what some say is the next frontier in sports — the mind” (Estefanell, 2017).

An example of a game that is being used by athletes to test and improve their skills for games is a program called IntelliGym. IntelliGym was developed initially for Israeli fighter pilots, which tests cognitive performances such as spatial awareness. This program is currently being used by top European soccer clubs (Estefanell, 2017).

My intention for this digital artefact is to recognise the promise of the use of video games as sport-related training for professional athletes. I want to know if it is a useful test for cognitive performance and even physical benefits in both movement-based video games and non-movement-based video games.

Check out my Project Pitch on Youtube below:


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Estefanell, I. (2017). Could video games be the key to athletic success? | CBC Sports. [online] CBC. Available at: https://www.cbc.ca/sports/brain-gaming-industry-athletic-success-1.4114268 [Accessed 14 Aug. 2019].


5 thoughts on “BCM215 DA PROJECT PITCH

  1. I love this topic for your DA. This is such an interesting approach on how video games can be used to heighten certain skills. One big thing that I believe might be important to your research that you left out is the strategy aspect of playing a sport. It might be worth looking into how these games e.g. the NBA 2K series can be used by coaches and players to simulate strategic plays and arrangements in an environment that allows for trial and error and see how well that actually translates into real life. Another thing you should include are games that absolutely do not work when it comes to raising the skill of athletes, any kind of WWE/pro-wrestling game would be a good place to start in my opinion.

    Also, definitely look into how VR technology has impacted this as well, as it puts a whole other perspective on gaming.

    This was a great read and I hope you have the best of luck in your research!


  2. Super interesting topic that I haven’t ever actually considered myself. Will be very interested to see what you end up discovering. When reading the previous comment I completely agree with how sports orientated games could be useful for professional players, especially given how realistic these games are getting. Something that I think could enhance your DA whilst focusing on this is including negative sides of physical training while trying to refine plays etc. while also exploring how possible refining plays might be on a game in order to see if it might actual be worth implementing for actual sports people.

    Heres an article by ‘The Guardian’ on how FIFA might be enhancing the new generation of soccer players that might be somewhat helpful! https://www.theguardian.com/football/2018/feb/10/fifa-playstation-training-football-youth-coaching

    I think your pitch was really well put together, it clearly defines what you’re going to be researching and how you will be doing it, even down to categories, could possibly have used more of an insight into timeline, but an impressive pitch all in all.
    Excited to see the results!


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