Digital Artefact: Contextual Essay #BCM112


My digital artefact is an art-based Instagram page where I edit film-stills from my favourite films into cartoons. Exploring the romantic and comedy genres, I used the digital painting medium to create my works. My project is developed around the idea that my audience want to find new films to watch, and so I explored this by framing my works to look positive and engaging with the help of brighter colours, clear captions and audience participation.


Digital art was not something I expected to have even taken on, however this experience has helped shed new light on the union of technology and art. In order to engage my audience I had to explore the concept of framing to find a way to communicate my work successfully. R. Entman describes this process as a way to “select some aspects of a perceived reality and make them more salient in a communicating text.” This allows the audience to gain a public understanding of the message that you are trying to communicate. For a wider media example, framing in the news may be described as being “not an exact representation of reality but rather a reconstruction from various angles of a small section of reality.” My art reconstructs the film and their meanings and explores them with a more zoomed in and almost rose-tinted light. This is assisted with quotes and positive colours.

Early Ideation 


First Post on @rwfreckled

When I first began developing my digital artefact, I always kept in mind that my work should be easy and simple, and so the drawings I created had been little time consuming and inexpensive. The designs only took an hour or so to create per post, and I used an app called Paint for Mac, which was free. I focused on entertainment value for my audience, constantly looking for popular movies and quotes, as well as checking on my Insights to see what my audience engages with the most.


Most Recent Post on @rwfreckled

Prototyping and Iteration

A major change that I made in my digital artefact process was the switch from Microsoft Paint to Procreate. I had dropped the use of quotes to make my works more simplified and appealing, which is an aesthetic that I learnt did not work for my audience. I have also tried to keep the colours of my artwork aesthetically aligned with each other so my project looks more collected. I wanted to keep a bright and pastel vibe to my artworks, and continue with a more positive-looking aesthetic.



example of use of stories to engage audiences

I have kept my focus towards romantic comedies as this is the genre that I personally liked. However, I have learnt through engagement that my audience has a preference for comedy and more popular and classic films rather than specifically the romantic genre.


As I continue my digital artefact, I intend to explore more popular films of other genres. Additionally, I have continued the use of Instagram stories and have been asking more specific questions such as what movies they would like to see in order to gain more personal engagement so I can improve within my digital artefact.

Engagement has been quite steady and has not increased or decreased dramatically in the past month. My goal is that I continue to strive for increased engagement and followers as I improve artistically and market my work appropriately. However, my feedback has remained positive which proves that I am heading in the right direction and am always open to critique and experimentation within my work.

Framing allows audiences to be influenced about how to process the information that is presented to them. My audience should feel positive and curious when they see my work as I used the natural frame-working technique to draw their eyes in. This was done through positive colours, short blurbs and constant questions on my story.

My digital artefact was a fun and creative way to explore a new art medium that I have never tried before. I hope to continue my Instagram page and see what more I can do with it!

By Rachel Weisz

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