Algorithmic control III: Price of Content


How much do you think your data and patterns of behaviour on the internet could be worth to advertisers?

In today’s growing social media-driven society, companies have grown to understand the importance of having a social media presence when it comes to marketing their products. The term ‘influencers’ was coined to describe a group of people with a high follower count on social media. These influencers as known as the new celebrities. Because of their high following, companies use this social media approach by paying these influencers to exploit their consumers by advertising products for payment.

Companies are willing the pay a high amount of money for a couple of seconds worth of advertising on a post or video that can be seen by millions. The more followers you have, the more companies are willing to pay you for sponsorships. The price of content has been an important factor in the expansion of advertisement presence on social media – but is this getting out of hand?

Are we – as active audiences – being influenced into buying products because of it’s recognition with our favourite celebrities/influencers?

Tell us what you think!

Remediation: (warning: this video is a little loud)


One thought on “Algorithmic control III: Price of Content

  1. Great blog post, I enjoyed reading about this as it is a relevant and current issue happening today that. I found this interesting article that relates back to what you were discussing above about how brands have grown to learn the importance of having a social media presence. I personally believe that companies that align themselves with ‘influencers’ on Instagram give the company a bad image. It makes me think that the brand is not good and they need to partner with ‘influencers’ who have no knowledge or interest in what they are promoting. It is also important to note when used right it can be one of the most powerful forms of marketing.


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