Algorithmic control II: Hardware Platforms, Access Permissions and Ideologies of Control



Open and closed media platforms for users and industries

When I was 14, I felt like the biggest tech wizard manually entering in a theme I found for my Tumblr blog on a sketchy website on the internet, hoping to god that it wouldn’t crash and destroy my entire life’s work. What I didn’t know back then was that this was a common software that websites used called open source software (OSS). OSS refers to software that allows users to copy, modify or delete code on a website. It is open to the public and allows for updates; improving and expanding it’s code as more people work on it. WordPress itself is another website that uses open source software.

If a website does not allow for the public to manipulate its code, they would be using a form of closed source software (CSS), which means it uses a closely guarded code that only the original authors of software can access, copy and alter. Some examples of CSS would include Microsoft Office and Adobe Acrobat.

For more information regarding OSS and CSS check out the video below:


One thought on “Algorithmic control II: Hardware Platforms, Access Permissions and Ideologies of Control

  1. Great post, very informative. However, I would have loved to some more of your own ideas and sources incorporated into the post. It would have also been great to see you expand on more parts of this weeks topic instead of just focusing on one main part. I think there is a lot to be said about how open and closed sourcing works and there is an array of different example you could relate it back to everyday life. Check out this link about real-life examples of open vs closed source software. It assisted me when trying to get a better grasp on the concept. Overall great post 🙂


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