Project Pitch #BCM112




My digital artefact, named @rwfreckled, is a Instagram page showing edits of films that I love from different genres made in the digital painting medium. I am going to develop my project around the idea that people are curious beings that either a) want to know of some new films to watch, b) are interested in digital art, c) like celebrities or d) all of the above.


I will then post the edits on Instagram twice a week, with a small blurb of the film as well as including relevant hashtags to create engagement. Currently it fits well with the FIST method as it is fast to make (and I enjoy it), it is inexpensive (only $15 for the app), it is simple (for now) and tiny as it is just an Instagram page. The feedback that I would have to capture will include comments, likes, engagement and commission requests


Both art and films are what I am passionate about and have enjoyed making in the past. It will fit my portfolio and future career and I have been building an art portfolio over the year to showcase the kind of work I can do.

P.S: as me for a business card next time you see me.

Click Here: to see the Project Pitch video on youtube


One thought on “Project Pitch #BCM112

  1. This is such a great idea! I love seeing artists doing what they do best…MAKE ART!
    This also makes me wish i could draw though – you have some serious talent!


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